Busy weekend

Spent the weekend with Com. Went to a school reunion on Saturday nite, it was a smallish affair since less than 50 ppl came. Good to see that most came stag. Food was not bad, the rest so-so. A few ppl surprised me by how they’ve “evolved” this past 10 years. Those worth bitching about did not came, so that’s a bit disappointing… hehehehehehe.

EPL: United beat Newcastle away 2-1

Woke up at 5 am on Sunday morning, dragged Com out of bed, and was out of the house by 5.40 to go to the train station. Took the express to the airport and was on the plane by 7.30. Arrived in Penang by 8.30, and spent most of the morning cursing the hotel because it was so lembab in preparing our room. We ended up sleeping beside the pool, I with my face and hands covered like a hantu bungkus.

When we finally had our room, just had time to shower and get ready for the wedding. Bee is so huge now, double the size he was in school. And with a more mellow, scholar-like face. Not the cool basketball jock from before. The wife is sweet looking, and seems right for him. The typical bini material.

The most terkedu scene was when his parents realised who we were, or rather, who Com was. It was like, long lost daughter coming back to visit. They know almost everything about her, and I bet the new wife was a bit intimidated. But how can she compete with someone they’ve known for almost 15 years?

Anyway, was really exhausted from all the day’s events that we slept again before checking out and leave for the airport. Finally arrived home at past 1 am, and slept till 11.15 am this morning.

Now at the office, came in at 12.30 and just killing time before the late announcements come in at 5pm…


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