Footballers playing dirty

I was sooo disappointed with the United – Arsenal game last night, the worse match I seen in a v long time. It actually started off v well, United was in control most of the 1st half and Ronaldo was really busy on the right flank.

Then everything just disintegrated in the 2nd half, especially after Keane and Viera were booked. Why did v Nistelrooy had to do what he did to Viera? And for the French guy to lash out at him in return (although no contact was made), he deserved to be sent off. Actually, both of them should have be thrown out.

And the missed penalty (the third time in less than 10 games!). That is justice. Although I wanted United to win the game, it wouldn’t have been right for Ruud to have scored it. Arsenal sort of deserved the point.

Then came the whistle. You would have thought the Gooners would just rouse the crowd or something. But nooo…. they just had to be physical, knocking v Nistelrooy (although I think it would’ve been appropriate for Sir Alex to do that). That was uncalled for and certainly they will be penalised.


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