Happening October

Have handed my notice and told most of my colleagues about me leaving BT. Things are bound to be different at my new place but I hope it will work out fine.

Com is starting her new job next month too. I guess it is time for a change for most of us.

Dr. Mahathir is leaving by the end of the month. I think all the mainstream media is making October “Mahathir Month”, judging from the daily doses of “thank you’s” and quotes from his friends and not-so-friendly people that had dealings with him.

I think the coverage is too much, even if he is the most prolific of all Malaysia’s prime ministers to date. A big bash on his last day would be acceptable, but we shouldn’t carry on like he is the last PM we’ll have.

Pak Lah is expected to continue the policies currently in place. Personally, I think he will be like Tun Hussein Onn when he was in charge, Malaysia is relatively stable now, although the stock market is very active lately thanks to the S & P upgrade and interest in oil and gas stocks.

England players must sort out their priorities. I mean, Rio is a decent player and I guess it was unlucky for him to be dropped out of the squad facing Turkey. But could he have missed the dope test due to something he had at the time? I may biased after reading all those “party boy” stories about him.

I know that footballers are regular people too but being in the spot light should make them realise that their fans are likely to imitate and to a certain extent, think that all those excess are acceptable. Some people can be that stupid, you know.


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