Hong Kong trip….

… was good. Arrived just in time for iftar, at 6pm, although it was after 8pm that I got to sit down and have a proper meal. Not that MacD’s fillet meal considered a proper one but considering the type of food available in a v chinese environment, it was ok.

The meeting on Wednesday went ok. I felt slightly intimidated since everyone else were venture capitalists while I am just an ex-journalist trying to look like I understand everything they’re saying.

Anyway, the meeting wrapped up earlier than expected, which left me without my boss who took a late flight home and half a day to explore. Apa lagi!

Went up Victoria Peak and then walked around Central District. The big malls are filled with all designer names as well as the usual touristy-type shops.

Dropped by my hotel to change out of office wear and a short rest before taking the famous Star Ferry across Kowloon.
Stayed around Tsim Sha Tsui area, lots of museums and stuff there but only went in the space museum. I saw a teddy bear museum but was afraid they’d attack me. heh!

Moved on to Nathan Road, where there are lots of shops and boutiques on both sides. Bought 2 dvds for just RM50+. Original ones, mind you, although slightly outdated.

Came to the Kowloon Mosque before iftar and saw that they have some food prepared but I did not go in as was not properly attired. I knew should hv brought a scarf along.

Was told that there are shops selling halal food near the mosque but couldn’t find them. Later I found out that I went on the wrong side of the road. I ended up at a japanese joint and had tempura with rice.

Was so tired after the meal that I took the ferry back to HK island and straight back to hotel. Was asleep by 10pm.
My flight the next day was at 2.30pm, left for the airport at 12 and just made some last minute shopping for family and friends.

All in all, HK is quite a tourist friendly place, although I think muslims might have difficulties in the eating department. I myself am particular about what I eat but as long as there are bakeries and japanese restaurants I’ll be alright.


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