Staying angry

I was forced to take a walk down memory lane today (via a v long e-mail), and I ended up being depressed for the rest of the afternoon. It didn’t help matters that I had a headache at the same time!

But the msg made me realise that it is so much easier to stay angry at people rather than to let it go. Like loving someone, it exposes you to hurt and being vulnerable has never brought me any good.

In the past five years, I think I have become somewhat cynical and less trusting of others, but I still believe that people are generally good but are mostly weak to fend off temptations and desire for wealth, status and recognition.

But there are those plain, stupid jerks who are convinced that they can do nothing wrong, even when its clear that they messed up (usually involving other ppl’s lives). I really want to see these ppl get a taste of their own medicine one day, and I believe God is fair. Always.


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