Another year

I turned 27 last Saturday. Which meant Giggs played Chelsea a day after his 30th birthday. Too bad they lost, it was a tight game. Actually, I just saw bits and pieces of the match, fell asleep a few times in between it.

Eid in Kelantan was good this year, despite the rain. Met with almost all my relatives and also some unexpected ppl as well. However, I’m sad to see how Malaysian drivers are still being reckless, which resulted in so many accidents and deaths in the past week. The drive to and from Kelantan was nerve wrecking as usual, what with the rain and mad bus drivers hogging the road in some parts of the journey.

Back in the capital, the situation is not very different. People stop in the yellow box, double parking all over, being outright rude and obnoxious, you name it. I guess they do it to compensate not being able to speed that much. Driving is such a stressful activity but to me it is a necessary evil.


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