A good friend gave me the LOTR edition of the Monopoly game for my birthday. Love it! Have been playing with my 8 and 9-year old cousins for the past couple of days. I know, its a bit sad for a 27-year old to get excited over a board game, but who cares?!

Basically, it’s like the classic game, although you can choose the “One Ring” option and instead of money, you are using power units. Properties are all the places in Middle Earth – Bag End, Edoras, Mount Doom, etc. Horses (noble steeds, more likely) replace railtracks and the staves of Gandalf and Saruman replace utilities.

Can’t wait for the final installation to be shown. Hv been trying to get passes to the premier from all throughout the week but to no avail. Unless some PR person handling the event remembers me and is generous enough to pass on an invitation or two. Most likely, I’ll be queuing up at TGV KLCC next week for the first show on the 18th.


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