Last raya weekend

Wednesday will be the last day of Syawal, bringing the Eid celebrations to an end. However, Malaysia will still be in a festive mood since Christmas is on Thursday and there’s the new year coming (lunar or otherwise).

Last Saturday, my cousin’s kids (which makes me their aunt of sorts) came over to stay until Christmas. My own cousin Eti is also back from Japan for 2 weeks and is always at the house. Went to a relative’s open house in the afternoon.

Met yet another group of sedara-mara there, most of them I know I won’t be seeing until next Eid.
That night played monopoly and I was the big loser! The youngest player, who’s just 8, won the game. Since United wasn’t playing, watched The Two Towers again, this time with the rest of the lot who hasn’t seen it.

I didn’t see United play Spurs last night, was emotionally exhausted from watching Life Is A House (Kevin Klein, Kristin Scott Thomas, Hayden Christiansen).

V. Nistelrooy and O’ Shea won the game for United, Rio also played since his ban will only take effect from Jan. 12.


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