No plans for tonight?

I read Hafiz Ismail’s blog about the new year celebrations around KL and other places in Malaysia.

I totally agree with him. Not that I am against partying but I don’t see the point of it. I don’t think Malaysians were really into celebrating new year that much five years ago, but maybe it was because of the financial crisis and not many companies were willing to fork out money for entertainment purposes.

Still, I can’t understand why the need to gather in big crowds on new year’s eve.

If you live in the West, it could be understandable as it is already in their culture. In Japan, it’s tradition to lepak at home watching NHK’s kohaku gassen as well as numerous award shows organised by almost every tv channel.

Then, there is also the practice of going to the Shinto shrine (or is it temple? I’m not sure) after midnight.

I’ve never been to any new year celebrations, in KL or Japan and have no plans to start going to one soon.

Tonight, I’ll just chill in front of the telly with my dvds while my sis will be with her friends in Genting. Hah!

Btw, happy new year 2004. Akemashite omedetou!! Kore karamo yoroshiku


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