Fly me to the moon…

HAD a karaoke session with a couple of friends at the popular joint on Jln Ampang. Was reminded of the American Idols now showing on Astro. Man, the bad ones were so bad I don’t know how they could’ve thought otherwise.

Anyway, we had a good session – singing off tune and skipping the main verses straight to the chorus (I bet most ppl do that).
Every time I go, I usually think about the karaoke boxes in Japan. It is so popular there that it was said (I don’t know how true this is) that there will be at least one of them in every village or small town (pekan), along with a convenience store and a pachinko parlour (sort of like the slot machine gaming place). It used to cost less than RM20 an hour for a small room in the middle of the afternoon where u can just sing your hearts out until the end of happy hour.

Mata nihon ikitai ne…


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