Rocking fit!

Recovered from all my aches this morning, after two sleeping marathons. Still have the bruises from aikido though.

In the FA Cup, United won against Man City, but I was totally disgusted with the way Gary Neville handled things. Arsenal is in the q-finals as well. Tight game til the end that one.

It was a busy weekend as usual. Got to Mid Valley just after 10.30 and already there was a huge crowd at the MAS travel fair. Decided that I’ll watch School of Rock first then try my luck at the fair. The movie was so hilarious! Haven’t been to the cinema since ROTK so enjoyed myself quite a bit.

However, things went downhill after that. The queue at the convention centre was endless and knowing that I’m supposed to go to the office, went to get a cab, which took me almost 2 hours! In the end, just took the LRT home at 3pm.

Sunday morning was the futsal tournament. Being captain, was so worked up when our goal keeper didn’t show up until the second game! We didn’t expect to win but I at least hoped a decent performance from a bunch of pakciks (with me and Sherry making up the rest of the team). We did manage to score a couple, and we were the only team with ladies playing….


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