Finally caught on… veeery slowly

Most major newspapers today wrote on possible candidates for the coming GE. The NST had quite a comprehensive list, with predictions on new candidates and those dropped.

I saw one v. familiar name, which is expected to be “retiring or unlikely to be chosen”.

Personally, I think that is the inevitable. If the MP didn’t see it coming, then I guess he’s oblivious to what’s happening around him.

Note: This is just my own opinion, and not an attack on a particular person/party/etc.

Nominations will be on Saturday, but it seems that most people involved have been informed of changes made by their respective parties. I’ve not bothered to ask around about what’s happening, just relying on what is given by news providers and my nosy friends.

The election day this year will coincide with the 2nd leg of the F1 races. Someone joked that there will be special polling booths set up at the Sepang Circuit and the votes will be sent to the new Putrajaya constituency. Won’t that be something to look forward to?


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