a hug would be nice…

A very loooong day, which started at 00:00 Monday, when I found out United lost to Man City 1-4. After that, things can only go downhill. The connection at the office really sucked, two speakers for an event I’m organising backed out and mdm chairman shouted at us because apparently my colleagues and I did not ‘prioritise’. Go figure.

*sigh* Just had to let that out.

I had actually wanted to write about the wedding I attended last night. It was quite a big do, and with so many Promuda ppl around that it almost felt like one of their functions. The difference was that there were more ppl in national costumes then office wear.

Planned to go solo when a girlfriend said she was going alone too so we ended up in a car together. Heck, we were even colour co-ordinated!

The MC for the night was very witty, although some of his marriage jokes were the typical MCP ones. He even did a Billy Crystal, peppering his lines with names of films nominated for the Oscars. LOTR was quite a favourite with all the 3 guys who gave speeches.

But the best part came when my friend the groom grabbed a mike and sang a song to his bride in front of everyone. I was actually touched and almost shed a tear. This is a guy who loves to be a clown and when angry can look like a club bouncer about to throw someone out.

I never could imagine my guy friends, whom many I?e known for ages, to be romantic. Maybe it? because I?e known them too long and hv seen them in their best and worst behaviours. Some are definitely charming (although they needn? be good looking) that girls just cannot resist. And all are smart, as in with brains, because we?e basically nerds.

Anyway, on the drive back, my friend and I were comparing notes on the subject why we are not attached/married/etc. It’s depressing at times, and is becoming more frequent nowadays. But looking at all the guys in my circle of friends, I had to admit that I wouldn’t want to end up with them. It’s practically incestuous to even think of them in that way! It would be the same for them I guess. There’s only one guy not married in the gang anyway, the rest are in various stages of marriage – from engaged to newlyweds to first time parents and beyond. It’s us girls who are still single.


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