too fast for my taste

I feel like I’m supposed to live in the ice age world, where the pace is waaaay slower compared to living in this concrete jungle known as KL.

Guess it’s the pressure working in the private sector is really getting to me. Heck, being a biz journalist is like a stroll in the park compared to what I’m doing now. I’m whining, I know, when there’s a whole lot of unemployed ppl out there.

But seriously, the more wired/connected we become at work, the load becomes bigger instead of the opposite. Urrghhh. I should have just quit everything and open a book shop. Now I have to wait at least until end of May, while not too far away, seems like an eternity from where I’m standing. I even dream about work stuff now! So not good for health.

Cannot think straight. Mind is in a mess. And United’s playing Spurs this weekend, another unpredictable result…..


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