I’ve gained 5 kgs since December, although I think the bulk of it accumulated since last month. Arrgghh! Haven’t been this heavy since winter of ’99. But then, it was due to the weather than anything else. This time, it’s stress.

Been pigging out like mad this past couple of weeks. To rub salt into the wound, my face was attacked by zits since last week! I usually get a couple max every month but there’s at least 5 of those things right now. I just hope my face won’t look like the moon’s surface soon.

Work-related stress – not a beautiful sight. And my methods of de-stressing myself consist of:
– more eating (see how the kilos add up?)
– sleep (also contributes to my expanding waistline)
– listen to music
– watch movies (the more depressing they are the better)

Good stuff, eh.


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