I’m not sure what to do. The executive secretary has resigned, after the final showdown with mdm chairman. I was hoping that she would stay on until end of May, after the big regional event we’re having. Heck, I was planning to leave in June myself!

So now, I have to make my choice – be responsible and stay until the event is over but be miserable or cabut now and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

The former is the proper thing to do (my Japanese training asserting itself) but the latter will save me from more stress and headaches, although it will make me look like a selfish person (my guilty conscience talking).

On the one hand, it won’t be fair to my current employer but on the other, it won’t be fair to me!

The committee members told us at the secretariat to just hang on until the next association election but its easier said than done. It’s hard to do your work (let alone enjoy it) when your superior messes with your head.

So how? I was tempted to try out as a feature writer with a couple of magazines but haven’t done anything yet.
*sigh* More sleepless nights….


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