The good and bad side of weekend

I got robbed on Saturday, at the PC Fair of all places. My wallet contained less than RM250 and my documents (fortunately, I left my IC at home that day). Discovered the theft when I was about to buy a computer. When I went to make a report, the security officer told me that I was the 5th person who kena in two hours.

It was my first time ever to have my wallet stolen (both in Malaysia and abroad) and I was really sad because I was alone at the time. Luckily, I met my cousins and borrowed RM10 to pay for parking and to go and make a police report. But I was still sad, or should I say frustrated, because I have been planning to get a new laptop for a while now. I don’t know how many times I said the word “damn” that day. Damn! And it didn’t help that United lost to Portsmouth that night. Urghh!

However, I managed to salvage whatever left of the day with friend Sherry and the rest of the alumni pakciks. The committee meeting was held at hotel in the city and we got to spend the night there. Being the only two singletons, of course Sherry and I were put in the same room. Spent a few hours talking that we only slept at almost 4 am.

Friends and family are always the best remedy for a bad day.


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