Just a note

Dear X,

You should know that you get under my skin. And I cannot get you out of my head either. I felt a connection between us from the first time we met but it was hidden under the layers my mind. However, you’ve never let me get too near you. I may have known you for so long but I don’t really know the workings of your mind.

There were times when you surprised me with glimpses of the different facets of your being but they weren’t enough for me to understand. You told me that I’ve been distant but I didn’t stay away on purpose. I cannot gauge your moods and that made me insecure. And these silent wars should stop. Please do not build a wall to keep me out. I’d rather be inside it, with you.

How did I end up like this? I have kept to myself all this while, not trusting people enough for me to be badly hurt again. You’ve said that I’m a cynic and that not everyone is hell bent on making my life miserable. But now, what I would like very much to do is to have you close. Just to hear your voice, to feel safe in your arms. Loneliness is such a dark place to be and I do not want to be here anymore.


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