How do you write a book?

I mean, what is required besides actually writing stuff?

I’ve been asked to head a book project. Basically, my alumni wants me to write on the experiences of those who have studied in Japan. So I’ll have to interview at least 15-20 people (minimum), since the Look East Policy is over 20 years old, and maybe get Dr. M to say a few things too since he came up with the policy in the first place.

Anyway, since I only know how to write, I’ve prepared a list of things I think I should be put in black and white, just so that I wouldn’t get in trouble.

a. The length of the project, deadlines and all
b. The publisher
c. Copyright – I think it’ll go to the alumni
d. Royalty – Can I ask for a 25 per cent cut? Money is not the main issue for me but I should get some right?
e. Will I be employed by the alumni? If so, will I get a monthly salary or can there be other kinds of arrangements? I’m planning to quit my current job anyway so I don’t mind doing it full time, unless if the pay sucks then I’ll have to find something.
f. Can I have my name on the cover? It’ll be icing on the cake, man. And it’ll look good on my CV too!

That’s all I’ve got so far. What do you think, good reader?


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