Too hot

Kota Bharu was damn hot last weekend. We arrived in KB around 6pm, no thanks to the large number of Kelate-nese on the road with us. I was already sweating after 5 minutes unloading our bags into my uncle’s house. Then I found out that due to the lack of rain in this side of the peninsular, water pressure is low and only one toilet/bathroom is properly functioning all day. The rest can only be used late at night. Great.

My cousin’s wedding was on Sunday, and I can only say that it was like being in a very loaded oven. I think at least 300 people came, from noon til early evening and then some even came on Monday.

Anyway, was on my feet most of Sunday to help out with guests and later, I was at the bangsal washing mountains of plates. After over an hour of water, soap and dirty plates, I gave up and ran indoors. Seriously, weddings are hard work.

The trip back yesterday was uneventful, my mother was speeding like a demon as the roads were clear, almost deserted. It took us just 3 hours to get home from Gua Musang. I was asleep most of that time, as I took the wheel first.

All in all, a tiring trip. But being in a close-knit family means that there’ll be a few more trips like this one in the near future. Or there’ll be hell to pay. Family’s like that. At least I got to eat durians. 🙂


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