I like that word, optimistic. I only knew the real meaning of optimist when I was introduced to sailing. Optimist is the category for kids under 15 years of age and the Ministry of Education at the time (1990) selected my school to be part of a pilot project to popularise marine sports, or something to that effect.

Anyway, I personally am not a very optimistic person. Heh. Some ppl would say I’m repressed, grumpy or even the exact opposite of an optimist (pessimist la).

I had just been on the phone with an old friend who’s in JB. He was in court today, charged with reckless driving in an accident that happened late last year. And just a couple of weeks ago, his mum’s breast cancer returned.

However, he sounded cheerful and was telling me how the family now are living together again (parent, his n brother’s wives & kids and youngest sis) at a new place.

I envy that kind of strength, although he might just be putting up a brave front. Who knows what he’s real feelings are like. But still, he’s always been the guy who seems contented with everything, even when we were still in school.
As for me, I think I’m one to stay away and be depressed for a while when bad things occur. Even small, petty things, like United finishing third in the EPL this season…


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