Glay is a Japanese rock band, although their songs are more pop than rock. They originate from Hakodate, in the northern island of Hokkaido. They were really big in the late 90’s that their faces were even on JAL’s planes (Tokyo – Hakodate, of course).

I guess they’re still a big band, since they’ve even been to Beijing and other places in Asia in the past few years.
I just went into their official site and was admiring the new intro. They’re having an Expo (sort of massive concert) on July 31st in Universal Studios Japan. *sigh*

I like their songs (well, most of them). My all time favourite is Pure Soul, which is also the title of their 4th album.
I cannot translate the whole song but it’s about someone reminiscing on his achievements and wondering if along the way he has changed.

Love won’t stay as love forever
It will surely change its shape one day
To those who have been with me, my family and lovers,
have I loved you well?

To all who supported me to be the person I am now
Can you hear this song?
Everyday it’s like I am praying
To be stronger person than I am
When I am feeling down and weak
But I know I cannot go back

That’s the best I could do. Like other languages, some words do not have direct translation. Wish there are more good Malay songs I could listen to. The quality has improved (only slightly) in the past 2-3 years, but still the whining ballads yang meleret-leret and the singers who can’t sing are still there. Now that we’ll be having not one, but THREE talent competitions from next month, expect Malaysians to be glued to their seats in front of the telly watching the ups and downs of the country’s future stars.
And here I am excited about Euro 2004…


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