Shuhami Baba’s Pontianak

Went to see Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (PHSM) on Saturday afternoon. As with most Malay movies that I watch, I went with very few expectations. But horror is not a favourite genre of mine, so I was feeling uneasy as I walked along the aisles to reach my seat at the second row (it was a bloody full house).

The movie, like Mimpi Moon (the last Shuhaimi movie I watched), was filled with too many small characters and stories within the main plot that made the movie confusing at times. But Shuhaimi has that habit of cramming everything into her films (remember Ringgit Khasorgga and Selubung?).

So what’s PHSM all about? Well, the official version is here.
The movie opened with a short introduction to the Malay ghost pontianak. Then it shifted to Paku Laris, where the real story began. Two friends fighting for the affection of a dancer. When she chooses one over the other, bad things started to happen.
That was in 1947, and then the story continued to Paku Laris of the present time. This was the most confusing part for me, as there were too many characters introduced in a v. short span of time. Plus the many flashbacks, but that helped to explain some things about the main characters.

Anyway, I’d give the movie 4 out of 10. Rosyam Noor, although in a supporting role, stole the limelight from the main stars. Maya Karin was okay, and Eizlan is actually pretty good (and not just a pretty, although slightly chubby, face).

Well, I’ve done my bit for the local industry (second malay movie of the year, and it’s only May!). Now to go see men in skirts!


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