To those familiar with Japanese culture, you’d know that the people love to drink. They regularly have kompas or drinking parties if you like, with friends and get wasted. Goukon is a type of drinking party, but more like a group blind date. Usually, at the end of the party, at least a few numbers will change hands and may lead to further meetings (in a more private setting of course).

I went to one last Sunday. My friend Coy was asked by a Japanese acquaintance to bring her single Japanese girlfriends while he will bring his group. And I had to accompany Coy.

There were four Japanese ladies and five guys that night, and then Coy and myself. It was kind of weird as I have not been to any kompa since I came back in 2000. And I’ve never been to a goukon before. But I just minded my own business and listened to the conversations around me. As I already know three of the girls there, I wasn’t too left out. The guys were normal enough, but not one of them were my type. Not that I was hoping for anything.

As the night progressed, I did not see any possibilities of anyone hooking up with another. The guys were loud after a few drinks but were polite as only Japanese guys can be. One of the girls (let’s call her Barbie) was very friendly with everyone but did not single out a particular guy. Was I wrong.

When the party came to an end and everyone got off the lift to their cars, I saw Barbie walking with guy Y towards Bukit Bintang, holding hands! Man, that was fast. I guess she was horny. She had just arrived a couple of months back and (according to her) she doesn’t know anyone apart from her colleagues.

I hope Barbie and Y had a good time. Heh. So that was my first goukon experience and I think I’ll wait a year or two before going again….


2 thoughts on “Goukon

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  2. celo says:

    what does this bukit bintang means? A kind of love hotel (cause you mentioned about she being horny before) or whatsoever, I don’t know, the girl’s home?

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