black eyed

Went to the Black Eyed Peas’ concert last night, courtesy of the complimentary tickets my colleague managed to secure.
As I had expected, 80 per cent of the audience were kids (as in 20 and below). And they were all dressed up to the nines, with make up and all kinds of hairdo’s as befitting the MTV generation. The rest of us were either parents chaperoning the above mentioned kids, club going 20-30 somethings or people who just like good music (like me!).

Too Phat opened the show with a half hour gig. I saw Ishak Nengah and Aishah Ali (Joe Flizzow’s parents) hanging at the back of the hall and then disappeared when the duo got off the stage. It was sort of deja vu like, since they opened for Linkin Park last October.

Anyways, BEP came on not long after and the real show began.

“Hands Up” was the first song, followed by “Hey Mama”, which made the crowd (read the guys) go mad as Fergie did her thang. The group threw in some old numbers in their mix of songs, and a freestyle rap session as well. All four have really good vocals (and rapping skills of course).

The closing number was, what else if not “Where Is The Love”. It’s one of my top song for 2003 and almost everyone was singing along with the BEP before they quit the stage.

Oh, I said almost because there were two guys standing in front of me and my friend and throughout the concert, they didn’t move from their position, except to nod their heads a bit. We called them our Bodyguards. It was really funny looking at them standing at attention (and both were wearing dark shirts and pants) while everyone else were moving about jumping or waving their hands and making noises. Why pay good money to see a concert when you just stand like a lamp post? Go figure.

So, all in all, it was a good evening, despite me having to miss CSI. I thought of catching the 1.30 am repeat and maybe stay awake long enough to watch the Champions League finals but the desire to sleep was much stronger.


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