Even a minister needs to wind down

I spent two hours on the road yesterday evening on my way from Jalan Ampang to Bangsar. Lucky I was not caught in one of the many flash floods in town.

Anyway, my alumni had organised a bowling competition last night with the Japanese Embassy staff at BSC. The new Minister at the Embassy had requested it a couple of months back as a venue to get to know Aleps members.

I was grouped with a member of the Embassy staff and another Aleps member. The Minister was in the lane next to us. As I’ve not bowled for over a year, I just thought of having some fun and not think about winning. And it turned out to be just that.

The Minister had Aleps president and his wife as his team mates. And they were good. So were my own team. It was the Minister and I who were the bad ones. We played three games and I lost the last one to him by just one bloody pin! But it was really funny how he jumped for joy when he got his first strike of the night half way through the second game. And he was the only Embassy staff in casual attire of t-shirt and khakis while the rest were in their suits and some still had their ties on.

Coy’s Japanese fiance managed to keep his tie and his shirt sleeves intact while scoring an average of 120 each game.

“Kondo wa golf (next time we’ll play golf),” said the Minister after the competition ended. I guess he’s better at that then bowling. Heh.

I had the opportunity to know the previous Minister as well and both are very different in physique and personalities. The former was mild spoken, slightly formal and of average height while the new one is almost six feet, has a booming voice and very outgoing. New Minister has started to learn Malay, although right now it’s limited to ordering nasi lemak and teh tarik with the odd Bagus! phrases.

I wonder what Malaysian diplomats do in foreign countries in their free time.


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