New toy

Bought this cool Mac Powerbook G4 with 15 inch screen from a friend, who had only owned it for 6 months or so. For less than RM5K, I thought it was a good deal, considering I have to pay double for a brand new one.

I’ve never really used a Mac but I decided to give it a go after pondering on the matter for a couple of months. After the fiasco at the PC Fair last April, I thought that maybe it was a sign for me not to buy it. But the deed is done now.

Anyways, I haven’t done much with the machine except to play DVDs and write. There’s no broadband at home so surfing the net is still a nightmare. We’re only getting broadband after we move out to our new place, which should be next month, hopefully.

So far, I’m just fiddling with my new toy trying to get used to it. Sometimes, it gets more confusing than using normal PC eventhough Mac is more user-friendly (or so they say).
Maybe I should give it a name. Hmm…


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