Got AF fever?

I hate my sisters. Somebody please take them away! They’ve been stuck in front on the telly since yesterday afternoon. I think they slept for a bit but I can’t be sure. Not with Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol and the F1 all invading our tv room. AARRGGHHH!

I had planned to hide the remote control this morning, after having to watch Portugal lose to Greece on a very ancient set that shows images in only blue and purple. Alas, had to let Mum watch her soap opera until noon and somehow the evil sisters just appeared from nowhere to camp again in front of the idiot box.

We’re supposed to go out soon, maybe I could still hide that remote but the chances are very slim. It’s war I tell you. If I take that remote, it will be sweet victory but somehow I know my conscience will not let me off easily. It’s not just about being the eldest and giving in though. But the two AF-crazed girls wouldn’t care about what I want to see, just what they want.

*sigh* Wish I had brothers instead. At least they’d understand. And I’d have some company to watch the matches with, be it at home or outside.


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