To be multilingual

I spent almost 45 minutes composing an email in Japanese. And I only got like five short sentences before resorting back to English. Man, it was hard. I’ve not written anything in proper Japanese in 2 years I think, but thought I’d give it a shot since I was fiddling with my new machine’s language modes.

I tried to write in hiragana here but it didn’t work. Will ask Blogger about later.

Nowadays, I use mainly Malay and English to communicate. When I was in Japan, Japanese was the main language, followed by Malay and English. Back then, my English was really bad (compared to my high school days when I was actually very good).

Guess it’s normal to lose your ability to use a foreign language when you do not use it much. I try to maintain my Japanese fluency by talking to myself in that language. Yes, I talk to myself. So what? It does help.

Dewa minaasan, konkaiwa kokomadedesu. Oyasuminasai….


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