Closeted with books

I’ve finished reading four storybooks in one week. I finished the fourth one this afternoon. This is not unusual of me, although I have neglected some work that I will have to attend to by tonight. And I missed the Croatia – Netherlands game too.

So what’s so good about the books that I can ignore a good football game? They were written by Raymond E. Feist.

After reading his book Magician more than 10 years ago, I had moved on to the other two books that made up Riftwar trilogy – Silverthorn and The Darkness at Sethanon. His books were not only about magicians, elves, dragons and dwarves but also about humans. And the two core characters of Magician were human boys, who later became beings of power.

At first I did not want to continue reading Feist’s books but one by one I added them into my collection and this past week, I just cannot stop until I’ve read all of the Serpentwar series. It’s like I really needed to know what happens to my favourite characters in the previous books and I won’t have peace until then.

I don’t think I can afford to buy anymore books for the next one month since I’ve already spent almost RM150 on the four. And I doubt I will have much time to spend as the secretariat is organising a conference late next month and we’ve only just started to prepare for it. And I’ll be moving to a new place in a couple of weeks so more books would just add to the things I will need to carry.


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