The itch to travel has been upon me for several months. The furthest I’ve been this year is Kota Bharu, how exotic. I know of a former colleague who was sent to Norway a couple of weeks back, and another had already gone to Bangkok AND Istanbul.

For the past 6 years, I have managed to travel abroad at least once a year. The scholarship I got in Japan each month was more than what I’m earning now, although with the high cost of living, it wasn’t like I was living luxuriously. However, travelling is serious business in Japan that it wasn’t difficult to secure cheap tickets to destinations like London and Paris. Heck, it’s sometimes more expensive to travel in Japan.

Anyway, so I managed to save up whatever allowance that I had after clearing bills, rent, etc and go visit friends in the UK, taste authentic Kimchi in Seoul, wade in the clear blue waters of Saipan during the years I was in uni. And this was without the assistance of supplementary credit card. Budget travel all the way, man.

As a business writer, my first overseas trip was to Singapore. OK, scrap that. The next one was the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2001. I had planned to go to New York but 9/11 happened so I was grateful that the bosses chose me. And it was like balik kampung. My last trip before I left BT was to Doha, Qatar. That place is somewhere I wouldn’t want to go in the middle of summer.

And I visited E in Cape Town last July. Now that’s a beautiful place.

Why haven’t I gone off? Well, for one, my annual leave now amounts to a pitiful 14 days, compared to 28 days before. And there’s the matter of me moving house. Oh what I’d give to be in Portugal right now. Or Mumbai, or Shanghai or…

It is times like this that I wish I’m still at school. Provided my tuition is paid for of course. Heh.


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