I want this job!

I was called for an interview yesterday for a job as a website editor with the AFC. The AFC headquarters is in Bukit Jalil, and I got it mixed up with the National Sports Council complex. But it was all good as I gave myself an hour to get there from the city centre.

Anyway, I was interviewed by the head of Media and Communications (a lady btw). Currently, the division is actually one of the biggest there, with 20 odd people. I was asked the standard questions (why this job, past experience, etc) and then came

“What kind of football do you follow?”.

I was honest enough in my response when I said mostly EPL. I wanted to say that I stopped following the local footie scene 10 years ago but decided to shut up before I ruined my chances. The rest of it was blurry to say the least, but I must’ve said some intelligent stuff since they didn’t turn me down there and then.

The whole thing lasted about 15 minutes (felt longer though) and I went out feeling like I did ok, but not good enough.

Man, I really want this job. I didn’t think they’d even call me since it’s been a month since I sent in my application.
I hope at least to make to the 2nd round of interviews, which would be in August. Oh, the agony of having to wait that long!


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