Guy power

I live and work in a mostly female environment. At home, there’s me, mom, my sisters and the helper. At work, there’s two other ladies while the bosses are at their respective offices so the guys that I see regularly are the despatch and the IT maintenance person.

When we set a date to move, I was lucky to have two uncles and an aunt who came all the way from Kelantan to help out. And there was another uncle who lives five minutes away too. But the biggest help came from my cousin and his group of friends. Although busy with work during the day, they spent almost a week fixing the lighting and other wiring stuff at the new house, coming over in the evenings and stayed past midnight every time.

And my cousin Awe (kelantanese boy, what do you think?) had just started work at the time and being the rajin person he is, was assigned to work late the whole week I was moving house. But still he came, some nights sleeping over when he’s too exhausted to go home in Keramat.

Watching the boys (they’re under 24, but then do they ever grow up?), I’m quite touched that they’d rather spend their weekend fixing lights and hot water than with girlfriends or AF or whatever. Of course we paid them for their services (one of them actually is a wiring guy) but still, not many would do it. I personally would not, unless I’m helping my close relatives or friends. And my alumni when I was in the committee, but that’s another story.

So this post is my way of saying thanks to the guys for the help. I realise that there are still a few good ones out there.


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