A call away

Labu, a friend from my uni days, called up yesterday. He’s one of the guys I was close to in Japan and was my personal snowboard instructor.

The last time we met was at his wedding, 2 years ago. His son is now 9 months old and he’s actually staying nearby. It was really good to hear from him. Apart from the usual “engkau bila nak kahwin?” of course. But he wasn’t being a smug married, (I’m borrowing this phrase, came across it in a few blogs) just concerned. He spent enough time with me to know better.

Apparently, he’s tired of working in a factory (an electrical engineer with a Japanese appliance maker) and would like to try his hand at something like sales or marketing. I think he could do it, given the fact that he could charm even our strictest teacher in UM.

We chatted for almost half an hour and he even made me agree to go out with him and his family soon. I was touched at that. But I almost never go out alone with any married friends and their spouses/kids. Just don’t feel very comfortable but I may have to start getting used to it. Although I might chicken out later, heh. We’ll see.


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