Of aikido and durians

Yesterday, I went to the dojo after three weeks of absence. It was a good session, my sensei had us train in a group for a while, as oppose to sparring with a partner like we usually do. I was exhausted by the time I got into the car to go home. But it felt good to sweat and I imagined I lost a tonne after the session. Or maybe not.

Arriving home at nearly 9pm, I was looking forward to a nice hot shower and a good meal. Then my sister got back and she wasted no time in bringing out the durians my uncle had brought from Kelantan earlier.

Apa lagi. Bedal la! Man, they were good. Soon, both of us were joined by my cousin and her hubby, along with my uncle, who was more into having the sweet, rich fruit with the pulut, santan and gula melaka.
A lovely time that was, except that all my exercise just a few hours earlier had gone down the drain. So I was just left with aches and additional calories.

OK that’s it. But I just had to add this. I’m writing this post at the living room, where the rest of my family watching the AF concert. It was just announced that a favourite “student” had to go off. The MC took, I think, almost fourty five minutes to announce it! Urrggh.


One thought on “Of aikido and durians

  1. Ani says:

    Hi everybody!

    I am looking for the original series by Morihiro Saito sensei; the five books titled “Traditional Aikido”. Is there anybody out there who has them and wants to sell them?

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