an explosion and mother’s words

Anyone read the Malay Mail yesterday? There’s a brief story about a 5-day old Gen2 car that exploded. The owner is actually a junior of mine from uni. He sent an sms I think at about 3 am telling me to check the papers about his car and a “surprise”. When I called him yesterday afternoon, he sounded ok. “Nasib baik saya tak mati,” (Luckily I didn’t die) was a direct quote. Bet he’s not going to be buying a car anytime soon. But what if EON gives him another car? I would tell him not to take it.

Also yesterday, I was reminded again about being a female. The cramps started early in the morning and stayed with me til evening. One thing about me, I hate pain and I hate medicine also, which can complicate things at times. I only took painkillers when the headache (yes, cramps AND headache) became so unbearable.

Luckily mum was around to guasa (please google it, dunno how to explain) my throbbing head and aching back. I was caught off guard when she asked if my aches were caused more by work stress and not my menses. Then she said something really touching.

“As long as I am around, you do what you really want to do, don’t force yourself to work on something you don’t like.”

I just nodded and kept quiet, didn’t know how to answer her. But I know I’m lucky to have a mum like her. She had tolerated my previous jobs, and I think she was proud when people mention to her that they read what her daughter wrote in the papers or how her company’s share price rose (and sometimes fell) due to my articles. Although I have a more low-key job now, she doesn’t comment much, so long I can pay my own bills and help out whenever I can. Oh, and not ask her for loan every week. Heh.


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