Demam bola

My aunt and uncle arrived from Kuala Kerai around midnight. After one round of durian, I finally got the remote out of my sister’s hand and settled in front of the tv to watch Olympic football matches.
I alternated between Paraguay – Japan and Iraq – Portugal, assuming that the Asian champions and Euro 2004 runners-up would give a good show. Yeah, right.

Japan trailed almost from the start, when Jose Cardosa scored in the 5th minute. Ono Shinji levelled the score through a penalty but the Japanese left the field trailing 3-1. Ono took over the captain’s arm band from Nasu Daisuke and converted another penalty early in the second half.

On the other side, Portugal started the game well, but became so disorganised and physical I couldn’t believe my eyes. The very tanned Christiano Ronaldo was not very effective, although he did set up soome good chances. But he played rough, and got booked for his efforts. Defence was bad. Iraq’s second goal by Hawar Mulla Mohammed was proof of that. And boy, their supporters were really enjoying themselves. I think they made up the bulk of the spectators in the stadium. See here for pix.

Full time results: Paraguay 4 – 3 Japan, Iraq 4 – 2 Portugal.

I think I fell asleep after watching Luis Boa Morte being sent off for a sloppy tackle in the 50th minute. My uncle, who was enjoying himself shouting to the telly (heh, I also joined in), slept from half time. Tomorrow morning will be the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics. Looking forward to that next.


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