Twenty things

01. My name is : Norzu…

02. I may seem : nice

03. But I’m really: cranky and repressed and moody

04. People who know me think : I can be nice, although mostly i’m cranky and moody

05. If you knew me you’d : know to stay away when i’m cranky and moody

06. Sometimes I feel : my mind is so tired

07. In the morning : do not disturb my until i get out of bed and have my coffee

08. I like to sleep : whenever i feel like it

09. If I could be doing anything right now I would be : sleeping on a beach

10. Money is : a neccessity. not the most important thing though

11. One thing I wish I had is : a yacht

12. One thing that I wish I didn’t have is: too much strong feelings and emotions

13. All you need is : a good, not-so-complicated life with friends and family

14. All I need is : family, all my friends in the same place, a yacht, a hut by the beach

15. If I had one wish it would be : to go to either Bosnia, Iraq or Israel

16. Love is : such a hassle it is almost fun

17. My body: is not too bad

18. If an angel flew into my window at night I would : shut the window

19. If a demon crashed into my window at night I would : also shut the window

20. If I could see one person right now it would be : CatFish!


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