Explosion update 2

Another update on the Gen2 incident

Radzi sent me an email this evening. He told me that Proton has offered him a Waja 1.6 (automatic) + 20k KM free service, with the loan he took for his Gen2.

It seems that he had went to almost all organizations that may be able to help. Biro bantuan guaman (Legal aid bureau?) told him that he couldn’t sue the carmaker as nobody got hurt in the incident.

From friends and lawyers he knew, he was told that what Proton did (using his insurance money to cover the blew up Gen2 and compensate him with a new car although he STILL needs to pay his monthly installments) was not unusual as you can only claim once, either from the insurance company or Proton.

Radzi also went to the Consumer’s association but they only take in cases involving products worth RM25,000 and below. I never knew this, actually.

Then last Friday, he went to Proton personally for a final negotiation. They wanted to give him another Gen2 but later gave the above mentioned Waja offer. I don’t know the current car prices, but Radzi said the difference between the Gen2 he bought with the Waja is about RM6K.

So now the case is closed, although my friend is not very satisfied. I include below part of his email, uncensored.

Pengajaran yg saya dapat, nyawa manusia takde nilai pada pandangan org2 yg mengaku menegakkan undang2….nak kena cedera atau mati dulu baru boleh saman….hampeh!….tapi kalo pikir2 cam logik jugak…..kalo boleh saman,
suma orang akan beli keta baru, potong wayar sana sini, terbakar, claim insurans tutup keta hangus, then saman proton nak dapatkan keta free….iye tak?….sebab tu laa ada undang2 pasal claim cuma sekali jer….dan proton bagi keta baru ngan loan macam biasa tuh memang betul laa….itu katanya sebagai ‘menggantikan’ keta yg dah hangus…tapi kita sbg pengguna rasa macam dipaksa beli keta lain pulak kan?….rasa tak adil sangat dan kita mesti nak dapat jugak pampasan lain kan….so, kesudahannya itulah pampasan yg saya dapat….


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