It’s been 10 days…

..since my last post. Had gone off to Terengganu for three days last week, with Sara. Stayed at The Aryani and it was heaven! It has been over a year since I went to a decent beach and was really excited about the trip. I was not disappointed. The water is clear, the beach very private and the place is so quiet I couldn’t believe there were 10 other people staying there. But then, most of them were couples.

The beach house

I spent most of Thursday alternating between lazing with books and jumping into the water. Late afternoon, we went out in search of sotong goreng tepung. I was told it’s THE way to eat seafood in Terengganu. People there don’t care much for ikan bakar like me, although it has been recently added to menu.

Friday was our last day and we spent the earlier half in Redang Marine Park. It was my first snorkelling experience. Loved it. Although the place was crowded when we arrived, it was virtually empty by the time we got into the water. It was the perfect way to spend time with the fishies.

Lunch time

It has been ages since I visited Terengganu. I remember being dumped into the waters of Batu Buruk beach when I was small. Now that I know where Aryani is, I might just do a road trip the next time I go there. Definitely going there again. Oh, I also drove by the famous Gong Kapas area, and when in Losong, I was showed the HUGE house of one of the major local keropok lekor player. Not to mention some lovely nasi dagang and nasi lemak, Terengganu style.

I truly recommend Aryani for people who wants some quiet and solitude, with a bit of money to spare. It’s about 30 minutes from Kuala Terengganu by car, and it is an hour’s boat ride to Redang Island. It caters mostly to couples (honeymooners) as well as small groups and families. For less than RM500, you could stay at its Superior room for 3D2N. Some travel agents have that package available almost throughout the year (although I don’t think anyone would want to go during monsoon season).

If you prefer parties and wild nights, then Cherating might be more suitable. Heh


2 thoughts on “It’s been 10 days…

  1. Kalu nok tra nasi dagang..kita pakat gi kg ladang….

  2. lama nya tak makan nasi dagang ni…terliur pula….kat sarawak mana la nak cari…:-(

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