A wedding and a job interview

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Coy’s nikah ceremony at Masjid Wilayah. It was actually the first time I’ve ever been to the mosque and it was quite splendid. Always thought out it as something out of the Arabian Nights.

Anyway, the ceremony went well, short and simple. Mr S didn’t stutter and it was over in one go. In just five minutes my friend became someone’s wife.

Early Sunday morning, I got a call from Coy saying that her grandma had passed and they were all going back to Muar for the funeral. Talk about two extremes in 24 hours! We were supposed to meet at the hotel for a rehearsal at 10 am, since her reception was later that night. So no rehearsal, and the wedding planner was left to supervise whatever that needed to be done. I felt helpless and wished I could’ve done more for them other than holding her hand.

The reception went well, despite some hiccups. I think I did my job as pengapit quite well and have aching calf muscles to prove it. Someone forgot to bring the low heeled shoes I was supposed to wear so I was left with my own 3-inch sandals. Two hours in them following the couple around the hall is not easy feat for one who is always in flats.

Mr S and Coy. Oshiawaseni

Come Monday, I was on my back most of the time. Then came a call at 3pm from a former colleague, asking if I could meet her boss at 4.30pm. I had given her my CV a few weeks back and we had planned to meet up today for lunch. Didn’t expect her boss to pull this one on me. But I went, and luckily she had briefed me on what to expect so I wasn’t that clueless. My first job interview in a month went ok, although I thought I was a bit too honest in my answers.
So now, back to sending CVs and wait by the phone….


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