Slow wednesday

1. What happened to PPS? Haven’t been able to access it since yesterday.

2. Although I’ve been a nocturnal being-cum-cave dweller for the past month, I actually felt sleepy during the terawikh prayers tonight. I attribute it to United’s disappointing performance this morning. Will be turning in after I finish this post.

3. I think there’s a conspiracy against Adrian Mutu. I really do. First he’s out of favour with the manager, and right after, tested positive for cocaine. I know, he admitted to the PFA, but couldn’t help to think that it was done under duress. Entah la.

4. I am a bit nervous thinking about tomorrow. And the people I’d love to talk to about it are both far away. When was the last time we had iftar together, just the three of us? I think it was in high school. After that, it was usually with one or the other. (Eddy, remember that time with AO?)

5. Things I cried over today: Oprah, Samurai X, this post.

Good night


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