Topsy turvy

The Boston Red Sox created history today by winning the American League Championship Series, coming back from 3-0 to win the last four games againts the New York Yankees. No team has ever done that before it was almost a miracle. Full story here.

I saw Game 4 on Monday morning where the Yankees almost won it, only to be dragged into extra innings and lost. Today, it was Red Sox all the way. They were just superb, both pitching and hitting wise. If only Chelsea could be humbled in the same way… heh.

For me, the meeting at the AFC went well, I think. I was asked to edit four short stories and re-write two which were originally published in Arabic. It took me one and half hours, sitting behind the computer in the very cold room.

In the end, I was asked if I could come in on a part-time basis first, while they decide on who would get the permanent position. That is good enough for now, of course I said yes. But nothing is confirmed yet, I’ll only know next week .

Thanks for the best wishes. Now we wait. Again.


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