Nippon revisited

I’ll be going to Japan in December!! Fully sponsored by MEXT to participate in what I know as an annual reunion programme. It is organised for former japanese universiy students from Southeast Asia.

From Malaysia, there will be 9 people going. My alumni had been given 4 seats and 5 will be from Jagam. I got a call from alumni president on Thursday evening, asking if I’d want to go. Preference is usually given to older seniors, usually who graduated for at least seven years.

At first I hesitated, thinking about possible work opportunities that may arise from now to December. But hey, who in their right mind would pass a free overseas trip? So from 5-11 December, I’ll be in Tokyo and also Oita (land of the famous Beppu Onsen). And Coy should be nicely settled with hubby by that time. Yay!

I heard from previous year’s participant that we’ll have some free time, which means I can just ride the busy Yamanote line to my old Tokyo hangouts (macam bagus jer). Just hope I still remember my way.

As it is a regional gathering, I expect there’ll be some cultural exchange activities. Just hope my seniors (since I’ll be the youngest) won’t bully me into singing or performing some stupid dance on my own.

Just one thing. I discovered that my passport will expire in May 2005, which means that I cannot use it to travel in December. Bugger. I don’t have RM300 to spend on immigration stuff right now…


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