Halfway mark

We are going into the second half of Ramadhan already. More invitations to iftar, less time spent at terawikh prayers, raya cards and cookies, new clothes. Those are the things that come to mind as Eid nears.

I have to remind myself that there are more to this blessed month than that. A time to reconnect with the Almighty with less interference, to seek inwards and clean the mind and heart of impure thoughts, to be reminded of the blessings He gave, and how it could be taken away.

Two years ago this time, I’d be looking forward to the almost daily iftar invitations from corporations that I cover. Sampling the offerings of KL’s major hotels, I never went to the same buffet table twice.

Then there were the raya goodies sent to the office. Usually meant for the bosses, but most of the time they’ll be distributed to us. Sometimes the PR of a particular company might send me another basket personally.

Oh and my colleagues and I like to keep track of the number of greeting cards we receive from which company chief. That was one Ramadhan I’ll always remember. I was on a high of some sort, and almost forgot the main purpose of fasting. It was a sad episode.

Thank god for mothers.


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