Letting go

Dear X,
It was nice seeing you again. The more time we spend together, the easier it is for me to accept the fact that you will never be more than a good friend. I had thought (for the nth time) that maybe I should just be honest about my feelings but it would only work to complicate things. I like what we have now and wouldn’t want to poke a hole into my still vulnerable armour. It is just not worth all the trouble and (possible) heartache.
The moment had passed and I have stopped thinking of the what-ifs and just enjoy the companionship that you offer. That is more than I could ask for. Good friends, for me, are very difficult to come by. Although, I would have liked to give you that hug in person.

The words left unsaid
The lingering doubts of what could be
I had thought long and deep
Doubting myself
In the end there was only one road to take
Never one to do things the easy way
I stayed true to my nature
But I will always have you now
Instead of wondering
If there will ever be “us”


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