Lazy Monday

It is a public holiday in Selangor while people in KL is at work. Not a good day to go into town, since a whole load of people from all over the Klang Valley state will be flocking to the major malls and, of course, Jalan TAR.

So what is a cave dweller to do on a day like this? Well, for one, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo. I’ve only written almost 300 words so far, and I have absolutely no idea how the end product will look like. Despite having an outline ready (with absurd character names and boring plots), I might just throw that out and play it by ear. Target is to finish 1,500 words each day. We’ll see how it goes.

And then there’s the job search to think about. One more rejection email today. Not good.

I’ve discovered two new places during the weekend – the Shah Alam Club (in Shah Alam of course) and the Gazebo in Subang Jaya. The former was where I went for iftar with the alumni. Not too bad, although I wished the kuih cara berlauk was better. The latter was where I watched Portsmouth taking full points against United. Humpph. The second goal was such a stupid one to be let in. And Ronaldo looking like he’s seven instead of seventeen (or is it eighteen?).

Oh, my five minutes of fame on Nona. I alternated between laughing and cringing everytime I saw myself. Coy looked good of course. That’s what important.


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