My friend Ayu is posting a lot of this 20-questions type thing on Friendster.
I’m taking a leaf out of her book and posting one here, in the attempt to make it look like a decent entry. Heh.

The last movie you watched?
Skycaptain and the world of tomorrow

The last tv show you watched?
Alias (AXN)

The last song you heard?
Ain’t going nowhere – Gabrielle

The last thing you bought?
Malay Mail

The last place you went
The optician

The last food you ate?
Corn chips at 2am

The last thing you heard from your parents?
My mum: Nak masak apa Raya?

The last thing you said to your parents?
Saya tak reti masak rendang

The last thing you said to one of your friends?
Azrul: Congrats on the new job

The last thing you read?
Bob Woodward: Shadow (I’m still struggling with it)

Who was:

The last person you called?

The last person who called you?

The last person you texted?

The last person who texted you?

The last person who said good night last night?
My sister

The last person who said I love you?
My dad

The last person who gave you a testimonial?
Ikmal, who recently took a really good picture of me (not!)

The last person who messaged you [friendster]?

The last person you hugged?
Wid, my friend’s wife

The last person you saw on tv?

Do you:

Believe that love is forever?
I hope it is, but not too sure

Get hurt by people easily?
Only by people I love

Believe that all people are generally good at heart?
I do, once

Sing in the shower?

Like to splash puddles when it rains?

Notice when people have pretty eyes?
Yes. Second thing I notice after the voice

Tend not to worry, even when you know something bad is about to happen?
I’m always worrying, even if nothing happens

Like to drive with the windows down?
Yes, although not in the jam, can die wan

Can you be anyone you want to be?
I wouldn’t know how to be anyone else

Do mean people make you sad?

Does ice cream make you happy?
It depends

If you see a cute boy/girl walk down the street, do u tell him/her she’s/he’s cute?
I wouldn’t have the guts. But I’ll stare for as long as I can

Have you ever cried at a movie?
Of course.

Is it cute when old people are holding hands?
It is

Are you a happy person?
If I am then a lot of people will die of shock

Is it okay to cut off Barbie’s hair?
Whatever. I hate Barbie

Have you ever laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
Yes. That is a nice feeling

Are you slightly lazy?

If you have twenty dollars, are you rich?
No, I’ll be twenty buck licher. Heh


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