Notes at 1030

1. I woke up today feeling that things would turn alright somehow, despite the roller coaster that is my state of mind. If only I could just open up and let my guard down long enough for a few people to understand.

2. Yes, I am Manchester United’s fan. But I can choose not to watch a game once in a while. I am not a fanatic in that sense. Heck, they usually win when I am not watching so I’d rather leave it that. (Although I might catch the replay later today)

3. I love my dear friends and would do almost anything for them. Life would be so empty without you guys.

my ttdi friends. the mat salleh (far left) was a guest

Azad, top left. The host of last Friday’s iftar

4. Crying is bad. Don’t make it a habit.

5. Another four years of Bush. Something I never thought would be possible. Many people were not happy with the results. I just hope nothing as bad as 9/11 will happen again, anywhere.

I had wanted to post this a few hours back but I think Blogger was still asleep. Hmpph.

Update: Another picture. Cameraman tak ada nanti kecik hati pulak. That’s Ikmal smiling to the camera, and the Doctor couple Feitz and Haniza on the left.


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