It had been a good day, yet why?

It had been a good day. Survived a visit to a government office unscathed, impressed even. Talked with old colleagues and bosses, just touching base. A movie in the afternoon, with a friend. A nice chat with an old friend on YM just now. So why am I suddenly sad? Tears blurring my vision as I type.

Some unfinished business, I hope to clear very soon. Family matters settled, although not to my satisfaction. Some things you just can’t change overnight. I accepted that and have made peace with the fact that the father I knew and respected is a changed man.

Melancholy, please go now. I’d like to enjoy the remnants of this lovely day feeling nice and warm. No more tears.

Might it be caused by too much human contact? Or was it not enough, despite all the people I’ve met in the past 24 hours?
I really don’t understand. It’s as if everything nice had been sucked out of me and there is a void in the place of feeling contented.

A few minutes left before the stroke of midnight. I will think hard of all things nice and hope it will be a better tomorrow.



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